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let our team of professionals embrace your vision and represent your brand.


The video turned out great

Thanks for everything the video has turned out great and the conversions from our PPC campaign are incredible. I am currently working on a few more scripts and will add to roaster of campaigns.

LisaFresh Start Private Inc

The bar is once again set

In all the 20 years no one has ever provided the level of service as VSPWorldwide ™ provided us. The actor looked and sounded professional. VSPWorldwide ™ has set the bar now for service. 

AlanFreedom Diabetic

Just a fantastic job

No words to describe your guys fantastic job! Just Perfect! You guys are so professionals. I am excited now, to see if we can find the perfect spaniard. Please advise on the casting call proceed 

MichaelInternet Trading Europe


Your Communications Outsourced

Having a professional communicator on standby is like hiring an expert salesperson, client specialist, or knowledgeable assistant to help your company grow. You also receive a host of other benefits:

  • New and Expanded Options
  • Video Technology minus the gear
  • The Next Door Experience ™
  • Increased level of Professionalism
  • Ongoing Advice and Support
  • Increase in Bottom line Efficiency

RAW Green Screen Videos

If you are a professional editor, compositor, agency or marketing firm, give us a call. We can help streamline your creative process with downloadable green screen recordings the day of production.

Videos for your Social Media

Distributing your video content has never been easier, and we will help you every step along the way. From recording to distribution, on Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo and more.

Videos for your Presentation

We can provide expertly produced video files for your powerpoint presentation, board room meetings, office reception area, sales presentations, and and even your Trade Shows.

A Word from our President

People Connected Through Video ™. Our tag line comes from the Spirit of our Founder, and so, our team of professional will get to know you, your brand, and your vision in serving your market.

Embedded Video Samples of our Work

Here are a few embedded video examples. You can have simple background and text to save cost, or opt for more complex creations ... Click here to view sample flash overlay videos

Flash Video Samples of our Work

Here are a few examples of flash overlay videos we have done in the past. These videos appear to float over and existing site and can be ordered in any size or shot type you wish.


VSPWorldwide has delivered videos in 15 countries


VSPWorldwide also has over 16,000 videos produced  to date

The videos came out great.I can’t thank you guys enough for doing such a great job. Please thank Chris for me as well. You guys rock !!!.

Vince ArnoldVMags Media Solutions

Kayla has all the answers for you

Kayla has been in production for a number of years, and with hands on experience, Kayla has a lot of answers. Do you have questions for Kayla? Just contact us and we'd be more than happy to help.

Re-Branding their image

Ongoing marketing and advertising means you are always trying to stay ahead of the markeplace. Video allows you to be fresh and innovative in the eyes of your valued clients.

Explaining who they are

You need to have a compelling explanation about who you are and what makes you unique. One way that will set you apart from your competition is a a well crafted video presentation.

Split testing promotions

You need to test various messages to see what works. This is a basic principle in marketing, so having multiple video landing pages will easily allow you to dial in your perfect equation.

Selling a product right now

What better way to sell than to use a live person on screen in a video. A human can connect in far greater ways than your text message alone can ever deliver.

Make a more convincing launch

Adding video to any product launch allows you to get to the point easily and quickly. It also creates a more compelling and convincing scenario for your users.

Video works better than text

You already know that video works better than text and graphics alone right? So if you have a message to convey, you absolutely need video to help tell that story.

It's Easy to get started

Companies who have never used video before, on either their website or virally, can use a single video purchase to quickly and cost effectively enter the video landscape.

Use on a lead generation page

Landing pages are lead generation web pages with a specific narrowed topic of focus. Adding a specific video tailored to that message helps companies with their conversions.

Use on Individual marketing campaigns

Marketing campaigns such as email blasts, monthly newsletters, or products launches make a perfect fit for a single custom video, to enhance their message delivery and retention.

Fulfill a single client request

If you are in the marketing or advertising business, sometimes your client is best served with a custom video on their website. This is one scenario where a single video order will be warranted.

Use in seasonal promos

Some companies will need videos according to seasonal changes or unpredictable conditions that affect their marketing choices. We can help you respond with a relevant single video.

It fits your marketing schedule

Some companies have a ritualized marketing schedule that may be enhanced by one video every month or every few months. This is another perfect scenario for a single video order.

Get Instant Immediate savings

Having the ability to more cost effectively produce a series of video messages at once, instead of spending more over time producing them one at a time is very beneficial.

Get Total market dominance

This world of business is an internet connected world, and the more presence you have the more dominant you become. Companies spend on multiple marketing angles for that added edge.

Expand or Create a YouTube channel

Using Video, companies often create an entire channel on YouTube to educate their audience, develop a large subscription base, and improve their search rankings. This is a very calculated way to grow.

Create a Video FAQ

The easiest way to educate is with motion text and graphics in a well crafted video. Having a series of videos for your users to be educated creates a better user experience and enhances your brand.

Ritualize monthly marketing

A few of our clients send out emails once a week to their client base. To save on production costs they will order all videos at the beginning of each month or via subscription.

Split test different messages

To have definite answers about what works and what can be improved is invaluable information. Companies that split test with multiple variations of their marketing messages outpace their rivals.

Our Team of Professionals

As an extension of your staff, our team members are available for both your on camera videos, as well as "in person" brand representation, such as industry events, trade shows, or other gathering.

Featured Team Members



View All

Our Video Production Pricing

We deliver your video as either a flash overlay or a mp4 file, suitable for YouTube or direct embedding on your site. Standard videos include a background and logo. Post production options available.

15 Second Video

45 word recording
  • Choose Flash or Embedded
  • Includes Actor on Special
  • Lifetime Archival of Footage
  • Lifetime Installation Support

30 Second Video

90 word recording
  • Choose Flash or Embedded
  • Your choice of any actor
  • Lifetime Archival of Footage
  • Lifetime Installation Support

60 Second Video

180 word recording
  • Choose Flash or Embedded
  • Your choice of any actor
  • Lifetime Archival of Footage
  • Lifetime Installation Support

6 Videos 15 Seconds

45 words each video
  • Choose Flash or Embedded
  • Your choice of any actor
  • Lifetime Archival of Footage
  • Lifetime Installation Support

6 Videos 30 Seconds

90 words each video
  • Choose Flash or Embedded
  • Your choice of any actor
  • Lifetime Archival of Footage
  • Lifetime Installation Support

10 Videos 60 Seconds

180 words each video
  • Choose Flash or Embedded
  • Your choice of any actor
  • Lifetime Archival of Footage
  • Lifetime Installation Support

15 Second Video

45 word recording
  • Includes Visuals & Music
  • Provided in 1080p HD
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Includes Storyboard

30 Second Video

90 word recording
  • Includes Visuals & Music
  • Provided in 1080p HD
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Includes Storyboard

120 Second Video

360 word recording
  • Includes Visuals & Music
  • Provided in 1080p HD
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Storyboard (+$250)
If you scroll up this page you will see samples of both flash and embedded videos.
Alternatively you can click below to go there directly.

Choose any actor • Send us a script • We will create your video

Call 1-800-667-6805 for more details and to schedule a project evaluation

Our Subscription Pricing

Here are subscription costs for your monthly multi-video recordings. Our subscription model offers additional savings over our standard discounted multi-video rates.

Video Newsletter

3 Months of Videos
  • 2 Videos per Month
  • Up to 30 Seconds in Length
  • Filmed Once per Month
  • VSP Chosen Presenter
  • Ongoing Needs Assessment

Starter Package

3 Months of Videos
  • 2 Videos per Month
  • Up to 2 Minutes in Length
  • Filmed Once per Month
  • Choose one Presenter
  • Ongoing Needs Assessment


12 Months of Videos
  • 12 Videos per Month
  • Up to 3 Minutes in Length
  • Filmed Thrice per Month
  • Choose one Presenter
  • Ongoing Needs Assessment
* – Subscriptions are based on a monthly commitment for the term of the package chosen.
Early termination fees are calculated at 50% of remaining subscription contract.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of our most commonly asked questions for easy review. Please, if you have any further concerns please feel free to contact us at any time via our toll free number or the form below.

You will receive html code to place within your web page. This code allows the video to play back over the web page in any position you wish. All placement manipulation is done through the code. You also get a hard copy flash video file that you can also keep for your records or upload to your own website if you wish to host the video yourself.

For embedded videos you get the MP4 video file in either a web ready smaller version, or a full HD 1080p version.

Once the video is delivered to you, you have the option to host the video on your own server. Simply copy the file to your server and point the code to the proper location. That’s it. If you wish for VSP to host the video then we do that at no charge, except that the VSP logo will appear in the lower left hand side of the video.
You may specify what you would like the actor to wear. Generally we allow business, casual, swimwear and any normal outfit you will see on their demo reel. If there are special requirements we may ask that you ship the wardrobe to us, as in the case of company shirts etc.
We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will re-shoot the video if you are not happy with it. In our years of business we have had to re-shoot only once. This is because we aim to be 100% sure that your ideas are communicated to us properly, and that our actor is ready with full instruction on how to deliver your message.
There are no hidden fees. You pay once for production and that is all you pay. Our subscription service allows a recurring fee for a set number of videos produced per month.

You finalize which actor you like. You click on the order button and submit your order details. You then submit payment information in the form of credit card. Once we have reviewed everything with you over the phone or via email, we will produce the video as agreed upon from our discussions.

15 Minute Contact Us Guarantee

If we do not respond within 15 minutes of you completing this form below, we will offer you 10% off your next video production. That is our 15 minute guarantee. So contact us today !!!

Our Phone Numbers

VSP Worldwide Productions
Located in Fort Lauderdale FL
In business for 10 years

Our Toll Free Number
1 (800) 667-6805

Our International Number
1 (561) 847-3356

Text Us for Faster Response
1 (561) 406-8770

** – Our 15 minute guarantee is between the hours of 9am to 6pm EST, Monday to Friday. Typical response times on the weekends are the same as weekdays except for overnight hours.