YouTube Director Versus Professional Video Production
Learn the truth about do it yourself online video marketing
This week Google introduced an app to help make it easier for small business owners, or anyone for that matter to easily create better looking videos for their online use.

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Google wants to help you create video ads, and encourage more, and better quality content on their YouTube network, especially as it relates to their paid services. They even have an offer to connect you with a local professional to come and film at your location and give you a free video ad if you spend at least $150 to advertise on YouTube.

So let's break it down. Record your video ad yourself with their app, or spend $150 and you get a free professional video ad for your business with someone who comes to you and records it for you. Will this put production companies out of business?

Let's dig a little deeper.
Is there a difference between the Google phone app video and a hiring professional?

You created your brand, your pride and joy business. How do you want it to show up in the marketplace? Will a cell phone video cut it?

While professionals cringe at the idea, we can also understand that there are many small businesses who can't afford to spend money with a traditional video production.

For these companies Google may have a perfect solution in this announcement, but that's not the whole story.
Click above to see a sample YouTube Director Ad from Google
With the app you can edit your video till, in your eyes it looks close to perfect. For best results you will have to be familiar with lighting, record audio with off board audio gear (of course because your phone microphone just won't cut it), and you will need to have a good eye for shot composition so it looks great.

But who will actually use the app? Maybe a techie who plays with their phone all the time? Or will the average business owner find the time or inclination to try?

While that question remains to be seen, one thing to remember is that recording and producing video is only half of the equation.
Be Careful Who You Put on Camera
Click above to see a sample professional at work
Getting someone skilled at being on camera.

Not everyone is gifted at the art of persuasion, no matter what you think. Does your CEO want to be on camera? Does Suzy in client services want to give it a go?

Unless you're sure they are the right fit for your audience, you may consider the idea of hiring a professional spokesperson.

There is a reason marketing firms do their demographic studies, it yields 10 times the rewards.
For example, in our business, bringing in company executives to be on camera always poses a challenge, because they are not gifted in the art of being a professional on camera personality. They are almost always nervous, speak pretty bad, and do not represent their company well.

Sometimes they force us to record them, and yes they all think they sound ok, till they watch the video and compare it to what a professional can do, and they finally accept the truth. That's why professional spokesmodels exist of course, and you need to pick the right one to relate to your ideal client.
   Market Your Brand Seriously   

You are only as good as the combined perception your prospects have about your brand.
I applaud Google for coming out with this app, and love the idea of allowing small business to easily record and market with video. Apps like this are relevant, and for the tech savvy with a very limited budget, they work really well within it's limits.

This allows them to get their feet wet with video, and eventually when they want to improve their videos, they will come to the professional side. It's a win for everyone.

For larger firms whose branding requirements demand high end results, they can always hire the care and expertise of a studio who have a vested interest in their marketing success, and this market will never go away.
Knowing your limitations doing it alone

As this case study shows, not every video can be created so easily with just an app. More importantly the requirements for conceptualizing and executing with a market demographic in mind does benefit from professional help.

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