Is education based marketing a fraud. Here’s what we think.

Early this morning we came across an article that raised some really interesting points for us to consider. It was a good read and we highly recommend you take 5 minutes to review it. Here is the link.


“Buyers buy when sellers connect with their soul”

So you sell dryers, marketing, mortgages, or even weight loss products, and wonder, how do you connect with their SOULS? Good question. There is an answer however if you keep asking. The article also made a few arguments but the ones that stood out was :

  • People are bored with the constant barrage of just educational content.
  • Creating head knowledge alone is not going to work, because the world is full of information.
  • People do what they want to do despite being well educated. Do you?
  • The article goes on to say that inspiring your target is the prime method to elicit action.

My take away as it relates to what we do at VSPWorldwide, is that we need to be in the business of helping you to do BOTH, inspire and educate your audience.

The vast majority of copy we receive for our videos are educational based, and while we do a superb job in delivering your content, it may be time to ask better questions, like “how can we take the same content and revise it to be more inspirational?”

Read the article and the comments below it and tell us what you think.

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