Youtube channel case study – torklaw

A recent client – Tork Law

We recently offered a promotion offering multi-video discounts with the goal of helping our clients build out their YouTube channel in a cost effective way. In light of that we want to highlight one of our clients who have taken the reigns on engaging their own clients with a YouTube channel.

Tork law produced a series of videos highlighting various aspects of their practice. Raising their brand and becoming leaders in their industry was a clear benefit in this move and further helped them to stand out from their competition. Take a look at their their site and YouTube channel via the links below.

Having a YouTube Channel builds credibility

When you look at their website you see immediately that their firm is a well established player in their industry. The availability of interesting content on the site, along with various videos for you to peruse improves the level of interaction and builds client retention.

Visit their YouTube channel and see by example how to engage your audience, build trust and improve your bottom line goals in dollars and cents. We are sure this move will foster an environment that will create clients for life.


Visit their YouTube channel and website by clicking the links below.

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