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The video turned out great

Thanks for everything the video has turned out great and the conversions from our PPC campaign are incredible. I am currently working on a few more scripts and will add to roaster of campaigns.

Lisa ... Fresh Start Private

The bar is once again set

In all the 20 years no one has ever provided the level of service as VSPWorldwide provided us. The actor looked and sounded professional. VSPWorldwide has set the bar for service.

Alan ... Freedon Diabetic

Just a fantastic job

No words to describe your guys fantastic job! Just Perfect! You guys are so professionals. I am excited now, to see if we can find the perfect spaniard. Please advise on the casting call proceed

Michael ... Internet Trading Europe
Successful Videos
"The videos came out great.I can’t thank you guys enough for doing such a
great job. Please thank Chris for me as well." ... Vmags Media Solutions
Clients in the USA, Mexico, Canada, Jamaica, Brazil, United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, Germany, Russia, Ireland, Poland, Africa, and more ...
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Videos for your Presentation
We can provide expertly produced video files for your powerpoint presentation, board room meetings, office reception area, sales presentations, and and even your Trade Shows.
RAW Green Screen Videos
If you are a professional editor, compositor, agency or marketing firm, give us a call. We can help streamline your creative process with downloadable green screen recordings the day of production.
Videos for your Social Media
Distributing your video content has never been easier, and we will help you every step along the way. From recording to distribution, on Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo and more.
Re-Branding and Marketing
Ongoing marketing and advertising means you are always trying to stay ahead of the marketplace. Video allows you to be fresh and innovative in the eyes of your valued clients.
Promotions & Split Testing 
You need to test various messages to see what works. This is a basic principle in marketing, so having multiple video landing pages will easily allow you to dial in your perfect equation.
Selling a Product with Video
What better way to sell than to use a live person on screen in a video. A human can connect in far greater ways than your text message alone can ever deliver.
Explaining Services and Product Offerings
You need to have a compelling explanation about who you are and what makes you unique. One way that will set you apart from your competition is a a well crafted video presentation.
Creating a more Convincing Launch
Adding video to any product launch allows you to get to the point easily and quickly. It also creates a more compelling and convincing marketing pitch for your users.
Video Works Better Than Text
You already know that video works better than text and graphics alone right? So if you have a message to convey, you absolutely need video to help tell that story.
Important Video Message from Chris
Communications Outsourced
Having a professional communicator on standby is like hiring an expert salesperson, client specialist, or knowledgeable assistant to help your company grow. 
  •   Expanded marketing options at the ready
  •   Ease of production ... no experience needed
  •   Increase in your bottom line efficiency
  •   Ongoing advice and technical support
  •   Access to a range of marketing pros
  •   Your own virtual studio minus the overhead
  •   Enhanced image from professionals
  •   Cost savings over the long run
Create Your Own Video Sequence or Locked Content
Want to see an example? Watch these videos and instantly unlock a special offer.
Welcome Play Video
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What if you could ...
  • Guide your users through a series of video sales messages, before giving them access to a coupon, or some of your cool free stuff.
What if you could ...
  • Force your viewers to see only the content you want, in the order you want them to see it in, such as a sequence of videos.
What if you could ...
  • Automatically enable individual video content based on a series of future dates.
  • This would be useful for launches, countdown to events, or spacing content out for your own reasons.
Now you can !
Frequently Asked Questions
Quick answers to most commonly asked questions
Here are a few of our most commonly asked questions for easy review. Please, if you have any further concerns please feel free to contact us at any time via our toll free number or by sending us an email

What do we get after the video production is complete ?

You will receive html code to place within your web page. This code allows the video to play back over the web page in any position you wish. All placement manipulation is done through the code. You also get a hard copy flash video file that you can also keep for your records or upload to your own website if you wish to host the video yourself.

For embedded videos you get the MP4 video file in either a web ready smaller version, or a full HD 1080p version for upload to YouTube or Vimeo.

Who hosts the video, your company or me the client ?

Once the video is delivered to you, you have the option to host the video on your own server. Simply copy the file to your server and point the code to the proper location. That’s it. If you wish for VSP to host the video then we do that at no charge, except that the VSP logo will appear in the lower left hand side of the video.

Can i specify what i want the actor to wear ?

You may specify what you would like the actor to wear. Generally we allow business, casual, swimwear and any normal outfit you will see on their demo reel. If there are special requirements we may ask that you ship the wardrobe to us, as in the case of company shirts etc.

Can i specify what i want the actor to wear ?

You may specify what you would like the actor to wear. Generally we allow business, casual, swimwear and any normal outfit you will see on their demo reel. If there are special requirements we may ask that you ship the wardrobe to us, as in the case of company shirts etc.

Some videos have motion text and graphics how much is that?

Our pricing structure is made to fit any budget. You can opt for a basic recording which communicates your message, along with contact information, logo and sound track.

If you wish to enhance the video more, you may add visuals which appear according to the words being spoken. This cost depends on the length of the video and how complex you wish to go with your visuals. It is customary to provide a case by case quote for those videos, but to get a general idea, please visit our pricing section.

What if i am not satisfied with the video, what then ?

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will re-shoot the video if you are not happy with it. In our years of business we have had to re-shoot only once. This is because we aim to be 100% sure that your ideas are communicated to us properly, and that our actor is ready with full instruction on how to deliver your message.

What is the general process in moving forward ?

You finalize which actor you like. You click on the order button and submit your order details. You then submit payment information in the form of credit card. Once we have reviewed everything with you over the phone or via email, we will produce the video as agreed upon from our discussions.

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Customer Satisfaction Survey Results
Here is what some of our past client had to say about us
The most common thing we enjoy here are VSP is helping companies reach their outcomes. Many of our clients are not video experts, so educating them on trends, and seeing their new found love for marketing makes it all worth it.
So take a look at this survey we did. We're proud of our work.

Overall, how satisfied were with your recent video production?

Specifically, how satisfied were you with your actor's performance?

What was your primary reason in choosing to use VSPWorldwide?

Once you received your video, was it easy or difficult to install?

Since installing your video, have you ...

Prior to ordering a video how committed were you to using video?

How satisfied were you in doing business with vspworldwide?

Is there anything we could have done differently to make it better?

Would you recommend us to an associate in the future?

Would you continue to use our video production services?

"As always you knocked it out of the park. Jodi did a great job once again. We will
definitely look forward to more videos with her next month" .. Diego R. Power Marketing Consultants
Ask Kayla ... Support and Q & A from one of our production assistants
Kayla has a lot of answers. Do you have questions for Kayla? Just contact us and we'd be more than happy to help.
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