These are the relevant details you should to know about videos embedded on your website, or on the web, such as how many times a real human watched your video, how many of them watched the video 25%, 50%, or all the way to the end, how many clicked on any call to action prompts, and so on.

So why should you care about video analytics ?

Unlike your website, video analytics data gives a quicker snapshot of what you’re doing well, and what’s not working. Comparing video engagement metrics gives you a world of valuable information, and if you pay attention to the data, will improve your bottom line.

Let’s say you split test two videos, one with a man and one with a woman. Which video got the most clicks? Let’s say you test different messages and find that one script produces greater retention in watching the video than another. How about colors, wardrobe attire, younger vs older etc.

Split testing videos is much easier than split testing entire website designs, it does not break the bank, AND gives you real data you can use.

Having conclusive evidence reduces guess work, because now you know what works, and what series of actions to take for your specific market. If you don’t know your numbers then it’s time you do. 

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